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"Memories from 900 " is available.  Best chart position: 39 in Italy - Top 100 pop album, currently (23rd January) 41

I and Jacqueline would like to embrace  "fans" in Italy and also in  the United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Germany, Russia (priviet),  Botswana, Vietnam, New Zealand, Panama, Japan.   We love you all, and hope you'll enjoy the album. Thanks to Mondotunes, for their  professional work  and support.

European duo the W91 release vintage-toned pop record 'Memories from '900':  (Mondotunes press release 21th January 2016)  

The purveyors of vintage-toned Euro pop known as the W91 have released their anxiously awaited debut LP record, “Memories from '900.” The album has been proudly published as an independent release without the influence of the corporate music industry. It contains 11 original tracks for a total listening time of 35 minutes. Classy, groovy, and written with deep respect for 20th-century history, “Memories from '900” is as thought provoking as it is enjoyable to hear. Fans of classic pop music from the UK, Italy and France will take an instant liking to “Memories from '900” by the W91. With tasteful amounts of reverb, gorgeous vocal work and violins interspersed with upbeat drum tracks, fans of Francoise Hardy, Serge Gainsbourg and Astrud Gilberto are sure to find a smile on their faces. Fans of Parisian '40s-era jazz should likewise lend an ear.

The record debuted at No. 59 on Italy's Top-100 Pop Releases chart at, and at No. 156 across all genres, proving it to be an album worth any music fan's interest. The W91 are songwriter/instrumentalist Massimo and lead chanteuse Jacqueline. They have cited as music inspirations artists like De Andrè, Leonard Cohen, Dire Straits, J.S Bach, J. Du Prè, and poets Charles Baudelaire and Walt Whitman. Perhaps most intriguing about “Memories from '900” by the W91 is the underlying idea forming its creative foundation and overall structure.Songwriter Massimo writes, “'Memories from '900' is a concept album composed by 11 short stories – songs in chronological order.”The album begins with an overview of Paris at the start of the 20th century based on the lyric poetry of Charles Baudelaire. Just as the 1900s did, “Memories...” moves quickly into the Great War (World War I), and thence onto WWII. In its ultra-personal treatment of WWII, “Memories from '900” truly shines. The album closes by bookending with more Baudelaire in one of the album's most moving singles, “Paysage.”“We deeply hope 'Memories from '900' can be a sort of witness of the last century,” Massimo writes. “We want it to be a hymn to democracy, and hope that, somehow, these memories could guide conscience, giving strength against all forms of totalitarianism and terrorism – like a 'smooth' baton hand-off to young generations. It's up to you from now on.”

While the record is clearly a work of great passion and careful consideration, its effect simply as music must not be understated. “Memories from '900” is exceptional as lounge music, casual listening, music for cruising, or as something highly textured and strikingly well performed for music aficionados to examine, reflect upon and appreciate. “Memories from '900” by the W91 is available online now. Get in early, music fans. - S. McCauley 


Paysage: Mondotunes Press Release by Sean Mc Caulay 29th December 2015: "The musicians of vintage-toned, French contemporary pop known as the W91 have released their second single, “Paysage.” The track is the second teaser single to be released from their upcoming full-length album, “Memories from '900.” Both nostalgic and timeless, reaching out to people who lived through some of the most evocative events of the twentieth century, “Paysage” from the W91 is already climbing music charts worldwide. The W91 are a European duo, songwriter/instrumentalist Massimo and lead chanteuse Jacqueline. Massimo cites as music inspirations such artists as De Andrè, Leonard Cohen, Dire Straits, J.S Bach, J. Du Prè, and poets Charles Baudelaire and Walt Whitman. Music aficionados will liken W91 songs like “Paysage” to French pop of the 1960s by legends like Astrud Gilberto, Francoise Hardy, and Serge Gainsbourg. These comparisons are absolutely justified in terms of instrumentation, lyrical poetry and an emphasis on striking, arresting vocals. Fans may also hear similarities between the W91 and modern French groups like Air, and Phoenix. Asked to describe the themes of “Paysage” (“Landscape” in English) Massimo discusses the larger picture of which “Paysage” is just a part. “'Memories from '900' is a collection of 11 short stories,” he writes of their upcoming W91 album. “These try to remember and make a point about what happened in the last century: from World War I through World War II – D-Day, the Holocaust – to the memories of the last veterans still alive today, leaving to one of the greatest poets of all time, Charles Baudelaire, the task of carrying on our hope, both opening and closing the album.” This closing is “Paysage.” The lyrics to “Paysage” are directly from Baudelaire, whose poetry is often considered the best ever to come from France.“Paysage” was mastered by Simon Heyworth and Andy Miles at (Goldfrapp, Simple Minds, King Crimson, Mike Oldfield).The first W91 single, “The Sun Still Shines,” has been steadily moving up the pop charts from an initial position of 23,000 to 294 across all digital releases and as high as 147 globally in the pop category alone.“Paysage” by the W91 is available online worldwide. Get in early, fans of great music everywhere. Very early. Sean Mc Caulay

"Paysage" is  the song that closes the album "Memories from '900". "Paysage" is  a Charles Baudalaire's lyric, taken from "Tableaux Parisiens", a section of "Les fleurs du mal". The abum "Memories  from '900" is a collection of 11 short stories, which try to remember and make a point on what happened in the last century: from World War I, through World war II - D-Day, Holocaust - to the memories of the last veterans still alive today, leaving to one of the greatest poets of all times - Charles Baudelaire - the task to carry on the hope, opening and closing the album. "Paysage" is about Paris: the poet looks from his mansarde at the lfe of the city, with people who talk in ther street and  carry on their jobs. The poet fears the winter and long dark boring days of snow, and the storm knocking at his window: so he grasps desperately to his music stand , the poetry, the only thing able to save his soul. Poetry provides warm atmosphere  against the cold, as a metaphore for the pain of life. We chose this lyric because it summarizes the meaning of the album: "Memories from '900"  describes stories of death and loss, of people who couldn't live their life because of tragic events like World War I ("Farewell for youth") , World War II ("The Defeat", "Omaha beach"),  nazi prosecutions ("The sun still shines", "The Ballad of the voiceless men").  But the conclusion reached by "Memories" is that life after all triumphs and goes on: "Emy" is the daughter of the soldier who dies in the military campaign of Greece in World War II  described in "The Defeat" -  and  thinks that bombs are simply falling stars. The pain and death seen through the eyes of children become hope and life. So the phrase of World War II American veterans of the D-Day "it's up to you from now on" ("Memories from '900") becomes a smooth baton hand off to young generations: the need to remember is a kind of survival tool for our conscience, that helps keep us  saving democracy and the way it reaches  liberty balancing with differences. The totalitarism against which Sophie Scholl - a young member of "The White rose" sentenced to death at the age of 22  because she distributed leaflets in the University of Munich describing the hard situation young German soldiers were facing on the Russian front-  does not want differences, does not want the freedom of thought. But the power of words grows, "breathing like a child", and  survives, giving a sense to the single human sacrifice. The album is the result of hard work, and we would like to thank Simon Heyworth and Andy Miles who mastered the album at Superaudiomastering, helping with their experience and professionality to reach the sound we could only hope for at the beginning of the work. We would like also thank the team of "Montodunes" for supporting the job of independent artists like us, giving a direction to artistic growth and developement of the project. 

We would like to dedicate from the deep of our heart "Paysage" to all the victims of terrorism.    

The album is dedicated to all the people who could not live their  life in  last century, due to all the tragedies that happened. A special  thought to Sophie and the boys of the "White Rose".